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Sessions return from Monday 14th Sept 2020

Sessions return from Mon 14th Sept 2020

Please check the full timetable for sessions applicable to you.

We now have a max limit of participants per session. This is a maximum of 15 people.

To combat people being turned away we are going to be implementing a voluntary pre booking system.

Simply call 01268 565650 during our opening hours and our staff will book you in for the session(s) you wish to ride in.

There is no pre payment needed to book a session. If your session is full we reserve the right to only hold the booking for the first 15 minutes of the session on which if you do not arrive we will give your space to someone who may be waiting on the day and time for that session.

If you are struggling to arrive on time please call ahead and let us know and we will hold that space for you.

To be clear you DO NOT need to pre book to use the skatepark but this is a way of guaranteeing access to a session you wish to ride in.

Bookings for Term time sessions are available now and run up until the Christmas holidays.

Contactless payment is preferred when possible.

Covid-19 update Aug 2020

Covid update for Leagcy XS August 2020:

As you are aware many businesses and Charities have struggled in the current situation around the Coronavirus.

Legacy XS is no different, It has been hard to be closed for such a chunk of the year and we are only now able to begin our process to reopening our doors.

With Staff moving from full-time Furlough work is now beginning to prepare the facility to reopen to the public.

This however is not a phase that will happen overnight, so please be patient with us.

We are currently looking to open for public sessions in September however we do hope to be in a place to offer small group hires before then but this is dependent on the work that must be undertaken first.

It is a hard time for many and we look forward to being able to open our doors once again for all who have been waiting patiently, we wish you all the best and hope to see you all soon.

The Legacy XS Team.