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Policies at Legacy XS


Always respect all members of staff (paid or voluntary) and obey instructions.

Always respect other members of Legacy XS.

Abuse, verbal or physical, directed against a member of staff or another member will result in an instant ban.

No Alcohol or drugs are to be brought onto the premises or consumed prior to entering the Centre – individuals suspected of being under the influence of such substances (or having them on their person) will be refused entry and reported to the Police.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building, please extinguish all cigarettes before entering. The smoking area is located outside the side door of the Centre.

Only hot food and drink purchased on the premises may be consumed whilst in the Centre.

Legacy XS cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please keep a close eye on your personal property.

Membership cards must be presented on entry. If you do not have your card you will need to purchase a replacement card. Always show your membership card when asked by a member of staff.

Graffiti and stickers are not permitted in the Centre.

Individuals wearing clothing which may, in the opinion of the Supervisor, cause offence or upset to others may be asked to cover these up or leave the premises.

When leaving the Centre please do so quietly and with due consideration for the local residents.

Any individuals identified as causing damage to property belonging to our neighbours will be reported to the local Police. We always make CCTV or personal details available to Police at their request.



Protective equipment must be worn at all times when using the ramps:

BMXers – Helmets (Kneepads and elbow pads recommended)

Inline Skaters – Helmets (Kneepads and elbow pads recommended)

Skateboarders – Helmets (Kneepads and elbow pads recommended)

No food or hot drinks to be taken into the Skatepark – No drinks to be taken onto the ramps.

All accidents should be reported to a member of staff.

Never block any of the fire exits.

Do not carryout any manoeuvre which you feel is beyond your capabilities.

Once you have taken your turn leave the ramp quickly.

Be aware of other users when crossing the park.

Report any broken or faulty equipment to a staff member immediately. Please let us know if you have had an accident whilst wearing hired equipment.

Always ensure your equipment is well maintained and in good working order.

Always return any hired equipment at the end of your session.

The Skatepark is an extreme sport venue and therefore our insurers insist that these rules be strictly complied with in order to keep you and other users as safe as possible. Anyone found in breach of these rules will immediately be asked to leave the park.


Cafe XS

All food and drink purchased must be paid for in full at the time of ordering.

No credit will be given.

The Café at Legacy XS cannot be held responsible for any allergic reactions from food allergies. Please always check ingredients and if in doubt don’t eat it.

All food and hot drinks must be consumed in the Café area.

Please use bins provided and help us keep the Café area clean and tidy.

Please report any spills or breakages to the Café staff immediately.


Member’s disciplinary procedure

Members in breach of any of the rules or whose general behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable may be subject to a temporary or permanent ban in keeping with their actions.

A “three strikes” procedure for minor infractions (not wear a lid when riding etc) means that you may receive up to 3 warnings after which you will receive a ban.

If your behaviour results in a ban of longer than 3 weeks your membership will be cancelled and you will be required to take out a new membership (silver or gold) again before being allowed back into the Centre.

A letter will be sent to members over the age of 18 informing them of a ban, a letter will be sent to parents of those members under the age of 18.

Should you wish to appeal against your ban you should contact the Centre in writing and your case will be reviewed by a Trustee.


Health & Safety Policy

In light of the increase in popularity of Legacy XS among young scooter riders we have reviewed our sessions and procedures to ensure that users of the centre are kept as safe as possible..

It must be reiterated that Legacy XS caters for participants in Extreme Sports and, as a consequence, there are dangers associated with this usage for all members of the Centre making use of the ramps.

It is important therefore, that users and parents understand the dangers faced by participants in these sports particularly in relation to the inexperience of riders or skaters. We are particularly conscious of the increase of risk as a result of overcrowding and the mix of disciplines and levels of experience. As a result of this assessment the following measures are now in place to provide for appropriate risk management:

A skatepark marshal will supervise the indoor park between 10am and 4pm interacting with users and ensuring that potential safety concerns are identified and addressed immediately (overcrowding, dangerous actions of individuals etc)

10 – 11am will be set aside as a “beginners only” session with those deemed to be “more advanced” users asked to leave the park until the hour has passed. It will be up to individual beginners to decide on whether they continue in the park after 11am.

The indoor ramps will be open to Scooters only between 10am and 1pm. Outdoor ramps will continue to be available to BMXers and Skateboarders subject to suitable weather conditions.

1pm – 4pm will be mixed session indoors supervised by a Marshal.

4pm – 8pm No scooters will be allowed inside in wet weather

The Trustees and Staff involved in reviewing the safety issues believe that these measures will demonstrate the Charity’s commitment to safety as well as adding additional safeguards to the young people who make use of the XS Centre.